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We are happy that the covid restrictions are gone from society and education, but the chance that forms of restrictions will return is plausible according to many experts. A long-term approach when the situation calls for it is therefore important to prevent huge collateral damage from being created in education again. Liberi Erasmi therefore wants to realize the following if there is a threat of restrictions in education again:

  • Supporter of keeping the university open as much as possible. That means as much physical education as possible where possible, but hybrid education as an option for students who need it.
  • Source and contact investigations into covid infections on campus in order to identify the dangers that exist regarding the covid situation within higher education. Based on the conclusions of these studies, specific measures can be taken by the university to remain open responsibly.
  • Invest in good ventilation of lecture halls, classrooms and study places. Studies from Eenvandaag have shown that infections can be recovered by more than 80% with good ventilation systems alone.
  • Invest less in enforcers of measures, and more in employees who will maintain areas hygienically. We do not want a control society, but a conscious society that prevents the spread of unnecessary infections through negligent hygiene.
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