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The EUR campus is often characteristic of the two large buildings that can be seen throughout Rotterdam, but the campus naturally consists of several buildings, spread over different locations (Woudestijn campus, EMC campus, EUC campus, ISS-en-ECE campus). Most of the buildings are located on the Woudestijn campus, where a number of things can be improved, such as the following points:

  • Better cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam to keep the housing market accessible for students living away from home
  • Campus buildings such as V-building, Mandeville, Van der Goot, Tinbergen, Sanders, and Theil must all be able to stay open longer for students in order to prevent study pressure on campus.
  • More study places on campus and also alternative options for the shortage
    study places due to the closure of the Tinbergen building. This can be done, for example, by making efficient use of the exam rooms or other buildings by using unused parts for studying.
  • Each lecture hall must have sufficient power outlets per lecture chair so that students are not dependent on the lifespan of their laptop battery during lectures. This also applies to the classrooms where there are sometimes only a few sockets.
  • Power sockets for the picnic tables outside on campus so that students can also study outside if they wish.
  • More wheelchair-friendliness on campus. Think of replacing revolving doors and swing doors with sliding doors, removing clumsy thresholds, and equipment for stairs in buildings where there is no elevator.
  • Research into introducing sleeping places that can only be used during the day for students who are tired and want to recover to get through their day
  • Parking rates in the campus garage should not become unnecessarily expensive.
  • Study shops on campus cannot simply disappear without an alternative. There must be physical alternatives on campus for students to be able to purchase study and test material immediately when they need it.
  • Due to errors of judgment, students on the EUC campus were unable to get a student room, even though the university guaranteed them that. It is therefore up to the university to offer alternative options and to think about expanding student housing to prevent these kinds of problems in the future, while indirectly contributing to the national housing problem.
  • Trying to make study places on campus as ergonomic as possible.
  • Placing massage chairs on campus to reduce student stress.
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