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The policy's Of Liberi Erasmi

Liberi Erasmi is the first official student party at Erasmus University. The student party is a party that stands up for the interests of all students at Erasmus University and has an important mission.

Core value 1

To pursue the best teaching quality, critical thinking and self-development

Education quality

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a highly regarded university with many well-known alumni. With a 72nd place in the World [...]

Party program

Are you curious about all our views? Then download our party program below

List of candidates 2023-2024

View the list of Liberi Erasmi candidates for the year 2023-2024

Core value 2

A better management culture

Collaboration with stakeholders

Erasmus University is known as an internationally oriented educational institute and also has many partners in the Netherlands and abroad.

Core value 3

Promote student life, lifestyle and well-being

Sport and movement

Sport is a primary necessity of life and is an indispensable part of (student) life for many students. Not only is it [...]
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Join us
Liberi Erasmi

Join the first EUR student party and stand up for the general interest of students!

Core value 4

Preservation of the university as a knowledge institute

Core value 5

Preservation of individual freedom and privacy

Core value 6

Safeguarding Erasmian core values

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